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Maintenance tasks attached to gear

Just a thought re maintenance tasks.
It would be useful if we could allocate a task to gear, just like a gear check.
At the moment, we create a maintenance task. The only way to allocate to gear is to copy the URL and paste into the gear notes.
However the link description is not descriptive. This step would be too much of a mission for say our production manager.
As you cannot link a task to a piece of gear the gear description changes with each person setting up a task so difficult to sort.
Maintenance tasks arise, not necessarily as part of a risk or story.
It would be great if all relevant tasks could also be liked to a piece of gear and quickly found from the gear or from the task bar.
When you go to the Task Bar, you cannot select a maintenance task. The closest is gear?
When you select gear and maintenance tasks, all the gear checks and maintenance tasks are listed.
The only place from the home page to start the task process is under gear - maintenance tasks - which opens the task bar to create any type of task.

Your thoughts?



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