Jobs Overview

What are Jobs?

Jobs are simply the jobs that your staff or friends do.
You can give your people more than one job, in fact we encourage it!
Your person could be a checkout operator, a fire warden, a first aider and other jobs all at the same time. Sometimes jobs can even be a location.

The reason we don't have one 'job title' and have 'Jobs' instead is because it means you can assign specific training courses to a job and it's much easier to keep a track of what your people do.
For example, you may have a first aider in every department, but not every one of those people who hold a first aid certificate will have the same position within your organisation.
By having 'First Aider' as its own Job and a first aid certificate as a requirement to do the job you can quickly search 'First Aid' and PeopleSafe will find every staff member that has 'First Aider' as a job. Then you'll be able to check in a flash who's First Aid certificate is current.

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