Our Organisation Overview

What's in 'Our Organisation'?

Contact Information

This is the place to update your organisations contact information; phone numbers of key people, physical and postage address; PeopleSafe Coordinator details etc.

Account Details

You can also check out your PeopleSafe account details and find your organisations PeopleSafe ID number.

Automatic Alerts

Want to change the way PeopleSafe sends tasks? Here is where you can set PeopleSafe up to send you automatic alerts and set tasks up automatically a month before they are due to expire. We think PeopleSafe works best when you select it to auto-generate these tasks because then it's one less job for you to do.

PeopleSafe Check-in

Your PeopleSafe Check-in preferences live here too! Set up a message of the day for your check-in, change the check-in display size and more.

Learn how to edit and change your Organisation information HERE

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