Friends Security Clearances - Relationship Status Overview

What is Relationship Status in Friends Security Clearance?

Friends have a similar way of setting up Security Clearance to staff but with one added step. When you choose to make someone a friend PeopleSafe will ask you to give the friend a 'Relationship Status'. This is the type of relationship the friend has with your organisation.
This will make it easier to find a friend, run reports about those friends, and keep your people records tidy.  

What are the types of Relationships?

  • Contractor - Contractors are friends who provide a service or labour to your organisation but the person or people exist as employees in their own organisation. Contractors could also be company reps, merchandisers, trades people etc.
  • Volunteer - Volunteers are very simply that: volunteers. They can be a lot like staff in many ways but are not paid by your organisation. You'll most likely have volunteers if you're a not-for-profit or a community focused organisation.
  • Student - Students are the friends that have come to your organisation to learn, often they are only with your organisation for a short time but it's important they know how your organisation does 'health and safety'. They might be student nurses, student teachers, work experience students or something similar.
  • Safety Advisor - Safety Advisors are the people who provide important information or assistance to help your organisation be even better at keeping your people safe. Some people might call them consultants or health and safety advisors.
  • Other - We think we've covered most types of relationship but if there is someone that doesn't fit in any of the other types of relationship give them 'other' as their status. 

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