Navigating the application

Navigating the application is really simple and lets you easily find what you are looking for a get where you want to go.

Let's take a look and the main navigation and menu bar

  1. Site Name - Here is where you company or site name will display. If you are connected to multiple sites you can switch between your sites here. Your PeopleSafe Settings can be found here also
  2. Main Menu - These tabs contain all your information. Click on them to navigate through each section; Stories, Gear, Risks, People, Training and More.
  3. Sub Menu - Each section has a few other things you can do and these can be found in the sub menu.
  4. Notifications - See at a glance what you need to do. Connect requests, Tasks and Messages.
  5. Your Details - Click on your name to see your details and links to update your profile. You can Log Out here also.
  6. Help - If you get stuck check out our handy help topics or ask us a question.

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