Updates to PeopleSafe

Announcing cool updates!

15th July 2015 - What's changed?

You guys have great ideas and suggestions and we're listening! We've now added a new top folder called Projects in the Document Library.

23rd June 2015 - What's changed?

We’ve had lots of feedback from our users about the Hazards and Big Risks headings and we hear you! It’s a bit confusing so we’ve made it super simple to understand by renaming them. Hazards are now Risks and Big Risks are now Safety Plans in the app.

9th March 2015 - What's changed?

  • Smarter Tell Your Story Alerts
  • Better and more useful Email Alerts
  • Tell Your Story, Now includes real world location
  • People Profiles: Simple new look layout
  • Tasks: Record more detail with Smart Task linking
  • Training: Course information made smarter
  • Notes: Simplified rules make it much more useful
  • Plus lots of bugs we've fixed as well...

30th June 2014 - What's changed?

So basically PeopleSafe's had a facelift, a bit of nip and tuck here and there, and we've moved a few bits back into the right place! The best thing is you don’t have to do anything, and there are no upgrade or additional costs! You might find that if you are using an old internet browser you might need to upgrade, try Firefox or Chrome, they are free and painless to install.
  • To LOGOUT you have to click on your name (a drop down menu will appear)
  • Tell your story is now under the STORIES section, along with the Tell Your Story records
  • We’ve added a few more options in Tell Your Story to help understand what happened better
  • GEAR and RISKS have got their very own sections
  • SETTINGS is now in the company drop-down on the top left of the pages
  • Gone are the double-ups of buttons on some pages
  • The top Sub-Menu (under the main menu bar) has mostly replaced left hand menu
  • We have a new 'OPTIONS' button where actions like edit and delete now live
  • It's now easier to see when you've got new notifications
  • The SEARCH box has a new home in the left-hand column

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