Manage Subscriptions Overview

What is Manage Subscriptions?

Manage Subscriptions is the place in your Organisation Settings where you can manage the sites (called Safety Hubs) you are subscribed to.
PeopleSafe has created a bunch of Safety Hubs, and subscribed you to them, these sites automatically prepopulate some of your settings.
This is so you can get up and started in PeopleSafe straight away.

Here is a list of the Safety Hubs we've created for you:

PeopleSafe Activities and Places
PeopleSafe Jobs
PeopleSafe Training Courses
PeopleSafe Online Learning
PeopleSafe Licenses
PeopleSafe Gear Types
PeopleSafe Gear Checks
PeopleSafe Document Templates

Each of the Safety Hubs hold generic content that may or may not be suited to your organisation. You'll know it's Safety Hub content if the item/name is in italics. Here is a complete list of what is in each Safety Hub

But what if I want to change or delete some of your settings?

We've made it really easy for you to TAKE OWNERSHIP which means you get to keep the settings, edit them and change them to your hearts content! It also means once you've taken ownership you won't get any updates PeopleSafe might make to the settings. From the Manage Subscriptions page simply click the Take Ownership button.

What if I want to get rid of your settings? I've got my own.

That's great you've got your own settings sorted! In the Manage Subscriptions page you can UNSUBSCRIBE from the settings and they will disappear from your settings page and the lists they belong in i.e. if you unsubscribe from 'PeopleSafe Gear Types' they will disappear from the settings page and also the drop down list where you assign a gear type to a piece of gear.

Here's where to find the Manage Subscriptions page:
  1. Click on your Organisation's name at the top left of your screen.
  2. In the drop down box click on OUR ORGANISATION
  3. You'll find the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab on the side menu on the left

Once I take ownership can I still get the PeopleSafe updates?

Unfortunately once you take ownership of the settings you'll no longer receive any updates PeopleSafe might make to our Safety Hubs. If nothing else we would recommend you stay subscribed to the PeopleSafe Online Learning, we have lots of exciting training in the pipeline that we'll be adding to the Safety Hub in the near future.

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