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Is there a place where I can store other companies' details in PeopleSafe?

It's a great idea to have an address book at your fingertips and 'Our Contacts' is the place to make that happen. Your contacts will show in lists like: Expert Advice From when adding safety plans for risks, or Training Provider when adding training so you can quickly find out who your organisation works with and who is responsible for providing services to your organisation. HERE is how to add to your contacts list.

I am connected to lots of sites, how do I get 'All Organisations' access to view everything at once?

All Organisations is a view in PeopleSafe for people who have Coordinator Security Clearance across EVERY site they are connected to. It is great for creating reports and when you want to see all the information you have access to collectively in one view. 

Why can't I see a staff member or friends personal details?

If the person's personal details are blanked out then you don't have permission to view them. 
As a basic rule you'll never be able to see a friends personal details and you'll only be able to view and edit a staff members details if you added them into your organisation via ADD NEW or if you requested their details using the CONNECT process and they accepted your request. 
If you've sent a Connect request and still can't see their details you'll need to go back to the person to check whether they've accepted or declined you request.

What are the different email address fields for in my personal profile?

Best Email Address: This email address field is where your password reset tokens and any other password type correspondence will be sent. For some people their work email is best, for others their personal email address is more accessible. 

Work Email: This email address field is where task alerts and other notifications to do with the organisation/s you are connected to will be sent. If you have Coordinator Security Clearance in PeopleSafe this email will be used to send you story alerts and serious harm notifications. If you don't have a work email address then feel free to use a secure email address you know will get through to you, like your personal email address.

How do I manage temp staff?

Temporary staff can be handled the same way as permanent staff;  if/when their contract ends just deactivate them. They will then appear on your list of inactive staff, and you can simply activate them again if necessary.

I've recently created a new staff member and now I can't see their personal details? What's happened and how do I fix that?

The staff member is able to control the visibility of this information. The solution is to ask the staff member to login; click on the Connect Requests icon (that the little 'head and shoulders' icon three to the left of their name at the top of the screen); and on the Connect Requests page Accept the Connect Request if it is visible, or, change the Privacy Settings to "View & Edit"

The Reset Password and Generate PDF button isn't my staff's profile and I can't edit their details?

The reason will be happening will because the user has previously logged in and set their personal details to view only, meaning any coordinators or managers can't edit their personal details, only their work details. You'll need to have a chat to your staff member to sort out. If they can't remember their password to log in they'll have to click the forgot password on the login screen.

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