All My Organisations Overview

What is All My Organisations?

All My Organisations is a view option for PeopleSafe users who are connected to more than one PeopleSafe site and have Coordinator or Friend Advisor security clearance each of those sites.

What does it do?

All My Organisations is simply a way to view all of your sites' info together at once.
This is great for creating reports across all sites, looking at combined lists of your people, jobs, places, activities, training courses, big risks etc.

What does is not do?

All My Organisations appears in your organisation drop down and you can scope to it by clicking on it.
Although it looks like your other sites, All My Organisations does not have the full functionality they do.
When in 'All My Organisations' you cannot edit, add new, or deactivate records. 
You cannot start Check-in. You cannot create or complete tasks. 
You cannot Tell Stories, upload documents, or edit your organisation's information.
To do these things you will need to scope to the site.

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