Safety Hub Overview

What is a Safety Hub?

A Safety Hub is a site separate to your normal PeopleSafe site that is used to input fixed data and have that data prepopulate fields in your organisation's PeopleSafe site like the jobs list, gear types, safety plans and risks etc.

What does it do?

A Safety Hub is a way to fill in 'settings' type info and that info automatically prepopulate lots of other PeopleSafe sites. It's great if you have multiple organisations or sites that have a similar setup.
Practically it means that instead of having to add jobs, safety plans, risks etc for every individual PeopleSafe site you only need to add it once into the Safety Hub and the info will automatically be added to every site that is subscribed to that Safety Hub. When a change is made to the Safety Hub it will update across all sites.

How do I get a Safety Hub?

When you sign up to PeopleSafe we will have already subscribed you to a few of our generic Safety Hubs to get you started. You can learn about them here.
For organisations that might need their own Franchisee Safety Hub just email and someone from our head office will be in touch to discuss details further.

How does it work?

Once you have your own Franchisee Safety Hub PeopleSafe will subscribe (on your request) your organisation's sites to your Safety Hub. And you can then start filling your Franchisee Safety Hub with fixed data.

Can the sites that are subscribed to the Safety Hub edit or change any of the 'things'?

The short answer is no. The settings that come from your Safety Hub cannot be edited. The prepopulated fields will be in italics so you'll know what your own settings are and what ones are from the site/s you're subscribed to. However if a site chooses to manage the information themselves there is an option call Manage Subscriptions.

Can I connect myself to the site?

We don't recommend that people be added to a Safety Hub. Your Safety Hub should be a clean site, and what we mean by this is that no record type information i.e. people, tasks, stories etc be put in. The site works best when fixed data is put in i.e. jobs, training courses, risks, safety plans, gear types, gear checks etc.

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