Tell Your Story Alerts - Serious Story

Who gets the email and txt alerts?
If any of the triggers are selected then PeopleSafe will send a serious story email and txt alert to users with Coordinator Security Clearance, and anyone with a Manage Users Security Clearance, providing that their profile has these settings set correctly to On. PeopleSafe will also send these notifications to those who have their details in 'Our Organisation'.

What triggers a serious story alert?
Tell Your Story is pretty smart and has some clever triggers to notify you if the story looks like it might be serious.
Here is a list of the triggers in 'Tell Your Story' that determines if a story might be serious:

1. Trigger: If 'How Important do you think it is?' was reported as either 'Pretty serious' or 'Big deal'.
Serious Story Alert: "The person telling this story thought it was really important and might be something you need to look at straight away."

2. Trigger: If the Story overall reported 'Did any of these things happen?'

Serious Story Alert: "It looks like it might be a serious harm injury. If it is you’ll need to secure the scene (don’t move anything) and notify WorkSafe NZ about it straight away."

3. Trigger: If injuries of any person involved in a Story were reported as 'Serious injury" or "Fatality'.
Serious Story Alert: "This injury has been described as serious and not just medical treatment."

4. Trigger: If any amount (greater than zero) of 'Time off needed?' was reported.
Serious Story Alert: "Someone needed time off because of an injury."

5. Trigger: If any 'Treatment' reported included Hospitalisation'.

Serious Story Alert: "An injury resulted in someone being admitted to hospital."

6. Trigger: If reported that 'Are Restricted Work or Light Duties Needed'.

Serious Story Alert: "The injury was so bad the person can’t do their normal job fully for a while."

7. Trigger: If the 'Hours worked since they arrived at work' is over 8 hours for the Injured Person.'

Serious Story Alert: "The person that was injured had been working for more than 8 hours when it happened"

8. Trigger: If any person injured was not a staff member.

Serious Story Alert: "Someone that wasn’t one of your staff was injured on your site or because of the work you do."

9. Trigger: If Damage was reported where "What will it cost to put it right" was estimated at $5,000 or more.

Serious Story Alert: "The damage caused by this story is estimated at over $5,000."

The email alerts, and message displayed to the person telling the Story, include details of why PeopleSafe thinks the Story is potentially serious, to help you take appropriate actions sooner.

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