Gear Overview

Gear is the one place in PeopleSafe to hold all you gear information together. And when you choose a gear type for that piece of gear PeopleSafe automatically keeps track of any checks you need to do to make sure it's safe. You can read how it works in Gear Checks Overview and Gear Types Overview

We have a saying in the office 'Love your Gear like your People'. What we're really trying to say is that we invest so much effort into making sure that our people are trained and have the skills to do their jobs properly that often we miss the simple things. Things like making sure our company vehicles have current WoF's or our fire extinguishers haven't expired.
We think it's super important that the gear we use on a day-to-day basis is safe, like the people trained to use it.

What kind of gear would I add?

You could add absolutely anything! Forklifts, fire extinguishers, ladders, computers, hand tools, company vehicles, your building etc.

What info would I add to a gear profile?

Photos of your gear, insurance information, invoices, warranties, manuals, check sheets, asset and serial numbers.

What do I name my gear in PeopleSafe?

We think it's a good idea to name each piece of gear with a unique name. This is because when you add gear checks or scroll through your gear list you'll want to know exactly what gear it is without having to open each gear profile. For example: say you have a fleet of company cars and they're all Toyota Corollas.
It wouldn't make much sense to add in 10 pieces of gear each called Toyota Corolla, how could you differentiate what car is what?
You'd want to put in the registration number next to the gear name e.g. Toyota Corolla ARG934.

What if I have more than one Electric Drill (hypothetically speaking) and I don't have registration or asset numbers?

If the gear doesn't have a registration, serial or asset number then have a think about where the gear is located or who's responsible for it. For example: if the gear is used by John Smith and is part of his kit then you could name the gear in PeopleSafe Electric Drill - John Smith.

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